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Fraud Advice


At UTV Drive, we take fraud prevention very seriously.

It is our aim to connect genuine buyers with genuine sellers but we would like to make you aware of potential fraudulent activity in the market place. If you are unsure about any deal or receive an e-mail which you suspect to be fraudulent, please contact us on 02890 333444 or forward the e-mail to We will block any e-mail address or telephone number from our site which we believe to be a scam.

Potential Scams

Scams are used to trick both buyers and sellers and we want to alert you to some of the recent activity we have been made aware of.

If you are buying a Car

The first thing to mention here is if a price seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Some of the recent scams relate to a high value vehicle being sold at a fraction of its worth. In many instances, the seller will say they have moved abroad and canít use or have no further need of the vehicle. They will often say they will ship the car to you. Avoid any of these sellers. They are not genuine. Many scam artists cannot be contacted via telephone. They tend to use e-mail (although this is not always the case) but it is best to be wary of any 'e-mail only' contacts.

Often dramatized stories about personal circumstances and why they are selling the car should lead you to doubt the validity of the sale. Donít get sucked into these stories and be wary of any of them. Where possible, try to have a face to face meeting with the seller, preferably at their home.

When telephoning about an advert, say you are phoning about the car. If they ask which one, be careful. A Motor Dealer is required to advertise as such and it is an offence for a dealer to misrepresent themselves as a private seller.

When Buying, Try to avoid:

  • Overseas transactions (Out of Country Sellers)
  • Side of road transactions
  • Non face to face sellers
  • E-mail only contacts / telephone numbers that don't work
  • Part payment upfront especially involving PayPal /escrow / Western Union accounts
  • Anyone mentioning shipping as part of the agreed price
  • Be cautious of sending money for a car or to a buyer you have not seen
  • Be wary of dramatized/far-fetched stories especially when combined with any of the above.

If you are selling a Car

It is fair to say that you may well receive e-mails or texts about the item you have for sale but we would recommend that you be cautious about how you respond to these and the information that you give the buyer. Many of the scams that we have been made aware of start from e-mail contact and often involve overseas buyers, dramatized stories, shipping the vehicle somewhere, paying more than you are asking, sending stolen or fraudulent cheques that will be returned by the bank and probably little or no phone contact. Please do not take chances. If you receive an e-mail regarding the item you have for sale and you are unsure about it, please contact us on 02890 333444 or forward the e-mail to We will block any e-mail address or telephone number from our site which we believe to be a scam.

When Selling, Try to avoid:

  • E-mail only contacts / telephone numbers that don't work
  • Overseas transactions (Out of Country Buyers)
  • Non face to face buyers
  • Buyers that offer you more than the selling price of the item and want you to send the balance to a third party
  • Elaborate stories about why the buyer can't come to purchase the vehicle themselves
  • Anything involving a shipping company or arrangements made with these companies or any payments from the proceeds given to third parties
  • Giving any of your personal information including Bank Accounts combined with Name, Address, Date of Birth and Driving Licence details
  • When receiving payment for your goods, it is advisable to check with your bank on how to make sure the method of payment is secure. Do not release the vehicle until monies are cleared. Some recent scams include stolen or fraudulent cheques. These can still be rejected by the bank several weeks later so always confirm with your bank to confirm your payment is secure
  • E-mails that are full of broken English or often use American terminology (eg Car referred to as an Auto).

Trade versus Private Buying

It is worth pointing out that when you buy a car from a private individual, you have no legal rights or come back once you have paid your money and driven off. It would be advisable to bring somebody with you who knows about cars and can do all the necessary checks before you pay for the vehicle.

If you buy from a dealer, they are legally obliged to make sure the vehicle is of merchantable quality and fit for the purpose for which it was sold. Therefore you will have more protection should something go wrong with the car. You would be much better to buy a car this way if you do not have somebody to check it out on your behalf.

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