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VRT Calculator

Buying a car for Export to Republic of Ireland


When you purchase a car in the UK or Northern Ireland, you will need to pay VRT before you can register the car in the Republic of Ireland.

Since July 2008 the Co2 Emissions of imported vehicles determine the VRT rate, which is then applied to the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) of your desired vehicle.

CO2 Emissions Bandsg CO2/kmVRT Rates
A0-120g14% of OMSP
B121-140g16% of OMSP
C141-155g20% of OMSP
D156-170g24% of OMSP
E171-190g28% of OMSP
F191-225g32% of OMSP
G226g and over36% of OMSP

Once you have purchased a car, you will need to visit one of 23 Vehicle Registration Offices of the Revenue Commission. They will ask to see proof of ownership (i.e. your invoice and vehicle registration document) and ask for payment of the VRT by the end of the next working day. You will need to complete a VRT4 form. Payment is accepted through Debit cards, Bankers draft or Bank transfer.

Once your vehicle has been registered by the Revenue Commission and VRT paid, you will receive a new registration number, and will need to obtain registration plates.

Click the link to the VRT calculator and enter the details of your vehicle to determine the OMSP and the VRT payable for this vehicle.

                                               Image link to Revenue Online Service

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